Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dreams Come True: Nike Air Mag aka Air McFly 2015 To Be Released

I remember as a kid watching Back 2 The Future II for the first time and being captivated by how the future was portrayed. The things that stood out the most to me were the hologram jaws, the hoverboard, and last but not least, the futuristic nikes that came in a drum case. For years its been rumored that Nike would actually bring the shoes to life.

22 years later that dream has become a reality!

On Sept 8, 2011, many pictures and reports surfaced of Nike officially releasing the shoe. According to Matt Halfhill of Nice Kicks, "nike called me at midnight to fly out to LA for a big announcement."

McFly's Closet

The shoes went on sale September 8th at 11:35 eastern time on Ebay via a Nike pre-approved auction. In just 13 mintes, one of the shoes escalated to an asking price of $1,000 dollars! Great Scott!

In 2015 (the year the shoe was released in the movie) Nike is supposed to re-release the Air Mags with the power lacing system. Besides the lights, this is what made the shoes so dope in the movie. Nike vice president Tinker Hatfield filed the patent last year for the self lacing system.

Many people have been waiting for the release of the Air Mags for DECADES! The impact/inspiration of the shoe can be seen in many places

Kanye West signature bear was seen in a pair on the cover of his 2007 album "Graduation"

Kobe Bryant released a pair of his Nike Hyperdunks inspired the Air Mcfly in limited edition

Last but not least, they can be seen on the cover of my latest project Boarding Pass II: Late Arrival worn by me. (#shamelessplug lol)

Also on the artwork for my song "HoverBoard"

One of these days i plan on getting myself a pair of the Nike Mags,maybe in 2015 to match my DeLorean.


  1. gREAT post!! it makes me want to grab my hair and scream GREAT SCOTT!!!

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